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vasque breeze gtx hiking boot

Vasque Breeze GTX


Vasque Breeze GTX

Summer is coming so very soon. Now is the time to be getting all your gear ready for those special things that you like to do in the summer months. One of my favorite things to do is to go hiking. I went out a few times last year and was not happy with the hiking boots that I had so it really truly made the trips not very pleasant. At the end of the season I was lucky enough to find the ultimate in a hiking boot. The Vasque Breeze GTX Hiking Boots is the perfect boot, hence the name it will make your hike seem like a breeze. I found when wearing these boots I felt I could go for days.

When looking to buy the Vasque Breeze GTX hiking boots, the first thing I wanted to do was get some reviews on them.  It’s always nice to look at the company that is producing it. The Vasque Company has been around since 1965. Their name in that short time has become synonymous with hiking apparel. The founder of the company was William D Sweasy and in 1965 he saw that hiking and mountaineering was sweeping the continent and knew it was just a matter of time till it caught on here as well. That’s when he began preparing his hiking and mountaineering boots so when the time came he would be ready.

Vasque Breeze GTX Hiking Boots Review

With this company the rest is not history as this company has not stopped with their innovative ways.
Today the Vasque Breeze GTX hiking boots are all the rage and actually quite popular among the hiking crowd. Yet over the years Vasque has produced so many different kinds of hiking and mountaineering boots. Let’s take a look at some of the different kinds besides just my favorite Vasque Breeze GTX hiking boots:

  • Voyageur– This is the very first boot that was produced and back then in 1965 was the ideal boot.
  • Ascender– a climber and rag company owner designed these boots for Vasque.
  • Directicema– These boots were embraced immediately by hiking enthusiasts such as Henry Barber who used them in his attempt to climb the east ridge of Mt. Johnson in Ruth Gorge Alaska range.
  • Montana– There was a skyrocketing interest in hiking, climbing and backpacking as millions attempted to get away from the urban centers. Vasque intensifies its focus on delivering the best technical footwear.
  • Sundowner– This was the boot that redefined the backpacking boot and has still remained the benchmark to this day. Cement construction removes the weight of welt construction, adds forefoot flexibility, without reducing support and stability under a heavy pack. The one piece full grain leather upper eliminates seams and gives the boot its iconic look. A perfect blend of form and function the Sundowner attracts many enthusiasts to this day.
  • Clarion– this is the lightest boot in the backpacking line.
  • Ice 9000– This boot provides unmatched rock climbing performance in a mountain boot.
  • Velocity– as the need to seek out lighter and faster footwear this boot was produced.
  • Breeze GTX – the best and highest quality of boot produced yet.

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As you can see the Vasque Breeze GTX hiking boot is a definite must for the hiking and mountaineering enthusiasts. It’s obvious when you look at all the features that it comes with that it’s a must have. The other neat thing to know about this boot is that it has been produced with years of experience and great boots before it. They are ideal for warmer weather as they are breathable.
The Vasque Breeze GTX hiking boots should be simple to find as well. I am sure they can be found in most of your local outdoor stores. Many of the department stores will carry them as well. You can also go online to find them as well. When I was searching I find them to be a great deal on them on Amazon. Regardless of where you find to purchase them I wish you many great hikes.

Timberland Flume Boot


Timberland Flume Boot

Hiking has been a passion for many. People enjoy taking some time off their busy work routine to unwind and beat stress by going on hiking trips with close friends or even family. But, it is important to gear up right for such extreme physical activity with proper footwear like Timberland Flume Boot.

Whether you go hiking regularly or occasionally, wearing a Timberland Flume Hiking Boot will increase your agility and also protects your feet from external damage. Because wrong footwear can cause blisters of even twist your ankle when you strain yourself in any of your hiking trips.  Even if you’re paying the high end price for what you think is a solid boot you could find yourself being in the wrong. A trusted name here with a cheap hiking boots prices you really can’t go wrong.

No matter what kind of hiking you prefer, the Timberland Flume Hiking Boot can just be the right one for everything. It is durable and can be used as often as you want. Since it is not too heavy by itself, you won’t find the weight of the shoe pulling you down or slowing your pace. It has been rated to be the most comfortable pair of boots by many professional and regular hikers in the field. Therefore you can be assured that Timberland Flume Hiking Boot will be nothing but comfortable and just the right thing for your activity.

Timberland Flume Boot Review

There is a fundamental need for you to keep your feet safe from the hard reality of the outdoors. One wrong step can spoil the fun in hiking for your whole life. So choose your hiking boots carefully. The advantage of picking Timberland Flume Hiking Boot is that you can be assured that your ankle will be well supported and feels good. If you were to use any ordinary hiking shoes from the market you might end up with a sprained ankle or even worse twist and fall. So be very careful about how your ankle feels in the boots. Most of the cheap hiking boots out there on the market today are give and take about how well build they really are.

Next thing you will find in the Timberland Flume Hiking Boot is that it is perfect for all weather conditions, wherever you choose to go on hiking. Most people choose warm places to hike, but you never know what the weather can be like. A sudden downpour of rain could mean slippery grounds and wet shoes. When you are in Timberland Flume Hiking Boot you need not worry about your feet getting soaked because they are water proof and quite compatible for all weather types. It is very important to have water proof shoes that let your feet to breathe too.

When we talk about comfort, we need to point out the soft padding inside the Timberland Flume Hiking Boot, which gives a nice cushion effect for your feet even though you may be on hard ground. No matter how many hours or wide distances you walk, your feet can withstand the pressure and keeps the sides as well as the toes protected with the soft sole padding. This way, your wont hurt your knee or feels the pain or stress shoot through your entire leg due to long walks and climbs. They are perfect for your feet and for your entire well being.

Another major feature you would find in Timberland Flume Hiking Boot is its sturdiness. When you shell out so much money and time in choosing the proper footwear, it is vital that it has longevity. Otherwise, what is the use of putting so much money on the shoes? This particular hiking shoe is well crafted and is quite sturdy. Since the purpose of the boots is to withstand the harshness of the external conditions, they have to be up to the mark. Like if you were to step on glass prices or thick thorns, the boots should be sturdy enough not to let the obstacle poke through the base and hurt your feet.

Always go shopping for Timberland Flume Hiking Boot or any kind of shoes during mid day when your feet are biggest. So you can pick your size right and feel comfortable in it. Also remember to wear a sock and then try on the shoes. This will take up a little bit more space so that you know what your perfect shoe size is. Don’t just slide your feet in and see if it snuggle fit. Go all the way and lace it up properly as if you are putting on the shoes to go out. Walk around the store and then decide.

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The Timberland Flume Hiking Boot has all the above features and more. You will realize it is the best pair of footwear for your feet while you go hiking, only when you try it yourself. They are easy to clean and store. Unlike other hiking shoes Timberland Flume Hiking Boot doesn’t stain, peel off or even tear so easily. They have longer life and are very durable. Since they are lighter and more comfortable for your feet, you won’t feel as if you have your feet trapped in an airtight entrapment. Feel good with these boots and enjoy your hiking trips even more. So get rid of those no good cheap hiking boots and give these Timberland Boots a try, they wont break your bank either.